Our History


The groundwork for what is Humanitarian Organization for People and Environment - HOPE today was laid in the early years of 21st century, when a few like-minded people came together for a common cause – a cause to empower underprivileged society in their neighborhood, with no formal system or infrastructure in place..

We started with  low-income communities, some of whom were inexperienced, some who had dropped out from the field because of economic disorder and the rest who were experienced and interested but demoted from the society, whom we braced to improve their living style..

Who we are

Humanitarian Organization for People and Environment - HOPE is a Kerala based not-for-profit organization in order to promote social, political, educational, economic, vocational, health, cultural and moral well-being of people around us, protect and uphold human rights, as well as conserve and nurture the environment and ecology. Our primary aim is to ensure that every unsubstantiated people in society is gaining a strong and holistic educational and economic foundation to become a responsible, compassionate and confident citizen of tomorrow.

What we do

Humanitarian Organization for People and Environment – HOPE undertake empowering the people out of social marginalization, isolation and discrimination through the promotion of social, political, educational, health, economic, vocational, cultural and moral well-being, protecting human rights and conserving nature and natural resources. We offer opportunities to involve in development of social welfare and promote means of self-sufficiency without endangering the natural ecology system.  

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